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Historically, there have been two major ways buyers finance their new homes; cash purchases or loans. Now there's a new way to buy a condo or house. The conversion method lets you convert rental payments into equity. You can purchase the home without a traditional loan.

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Why Apply

You won't pay any interest fees on a new home. You'll earn equity faster, which means you can pay it off quicker.

What We Look For

Your salary, your credit score, your career experience and other factors determine if you qualify. Recent college graduates and long-time renters are encouraged to apply.

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Log in to receive an instant decision. You'll answer a few questions about your financial history. If you're pre-approved, we'll send you the formal application.

What We Offer

You will have the flexibility of leasing while enjoying the security of home ownership. We'll set up an appointment with a consultant or licensed loan originator who will guide you through the closing process.


You must be 18 years old or older to enroll. Register today.

Log in, answer a few questions about your financial history and receive an instant decision.

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If you are pre-approved, we'll send an application. You'll receive a final decision within one week.

Once you're approved, look for a home for sale on the market. Your enrollment will be complete after we close on the property.


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